Words for a Mom’s Heart You can Use Today


Here is a very touching, from-the-heart video message from one mom a bit further down the road of life to encourage a younger mom. Check out this blog post from Jim Daly.

Perhaps you’ll hear something that will help you better understand the heart, and fragility, of being a mom in today’s crazy-busy world.

But I especially urge you to take note of what Sally Clarkson says from the 1:35-1:50 time marks. There are no fewer than four incredibly profound and encouraging statements that, while very special words from a fellow mom, may be even more powerful to hear from you tonight.

1. “I am so proud of who you are and what you’re doing.”
2. “Know today that you are not invisible.”
3. “You matter so much to me, and to God.”
4. “You are a wonderful mother.”

These might, if sincerely said, mean the difference between a good day and a great day, between a hard or horrible day and a “I can make it through this” day …

… maybe even between a “Go find the couch tonight” day and a “Thanks for being in this with me” day.

That’s your no charge, “encourage her” tip for today!