Why I Want the Super Bowl to Be a Close Game

football-nflOkay, maybe not a close game. But, a good, old-fashioned, come-from-behind victory kind of game.

I’ll preface this by saying, I really don’t have a dog in the fight. I’m not a Patriots fan, nor a Seahawks fan. In fact, I don’t like either team. The Patriots beat my hometown Rams in the Super Bowl a decade and a half ago; and the Seahawks’ coach—Pete Carroll—once coached the arch-rival of my beloved Notre Dame Irish (with USC beating them nearly every year).

But, will I watch the game? Absolutely. I love the sport. I love the story lines. I love the commercials. And, above all that, I love a close game.

What I’ll be cheering for the most is a come-from-behind victory by one of the teams. Why do I love come-from-behind victories so much? First off, they’re exhilarating. But if I dig down deeper, I think the draw to me is the slight peek into the Gospel that they emulate. Really.

Specifically, I’m thinking of the time when Jesus is crucified. The main Character in the Bible story – our Savior – is killed.

Mind you, just days before, Jesus comes into Jerusalem with great fanfare. There’s the donkey, the palm leaves, the chanting from the crowd. Then, right when the disciples thought everything was going to plan (their plan, anyway), boom! Jesus is arrested, put through a sham court case and executed.

If you’re one of the 12 (or, more accurately, one of the 11, since at this time Judas has turned on Jesus), you’ve got to be thinking … and I’m sorry for the cliche … Game Over! Jesus – the One I thought was going to free us from bondage and be our King – is dead.

Indeed, He’s dead. Not just for a few minutes or hours. For days. He was wrapped up and buried, never to be heard from again. Or, so many people at the time thought.

Of course, then Jesus mounts the biggest comeback in the history of everything. Defeating Satan and bringing all the Sons of Adam back to life, free of the grasp of sin. What a thrill it must have been to see Jesus alive after watching Him die with your own eyes?! The shock, the awe, the wonder must have brought them to their very knees.

It’s not just Jesus’ story. It’s our story. It’s my story.

When my life was done, way far gone to be fixed, He made me anew. He brought me back from the dead. He rescued me from the everyday muck that I was stuck in. The weight of the mistakes, the darkest of decisions and the pain of those decisions.

Yeah … that’s why I like a good come-from-behind game. Because it’s the story of my life.