What Star Wars Can Teach Us About Fatherhood

Do or Do Not! There is no Try….

That alone has been my mantra all through the raising of my kid, especially if I think they are not doing their best and they tell me that “they are trying their best”, I will bust out that line lickety-split much to their chagrin… In fact there is not one thing in my house that has not been influenced in some way by Star Wars. This got me thinking a bit, what is it about Star Wars that has impacted our society in so many ways?

Sith Lord Project ManagerAlmost every movie made today has been influenced in some way by Star Wars and its story. As a project manager for Focus, I frequently utilize a lot of Star Wars material for my projects. At home I do the same, and often times, because of my personality, I often run my house as a project manager, and of course this causes friction at times. Kind of like Lord Vader and putting the Death Star back on schedule.

I mean there is the classic good vs. evil, and the story of redemption, light saber battles, gun battles, and on and on. I could take a whole couple of blogs just writing about the things that Star Wars can teach us…but for the sake of time, I want to address just a few good tips that I have applied in the raising of my kids.

Lesson #1: It is never too late to get involved with your kids

Lord Vader was absent most of Luke’s growing up years and even his first interaction with him was where Vader killed the one figure that Luke had adopted as a stand-in father figure. Even after Luke was told (by Vader) that he was his father, he still couldn’t believe it and didn’t want anything to do with him. It wasn’t until a few years after that initial contact that Luke wanted to try to save him and have him in his life.

Lesson #2: Redemption is always an option

Parenting is HardEven in the end, like most great stories, the villain is redeemed in the finale and chooses to sacrifice his life for his son. It shows that even the most hated person still can find love and redemption through the love of the family.

As fathers we can take the example of Lord Vader and even after all we have done, can try to be an inspiration to our children. It may not be as fast as a two hour movie, but it is possible when you have the perfect father on your side.

Lesson #3: We need to train our sons to be men; give them a right of passage

In today’s paranoid culture, we try to protect our kids from everything and even have a problem with kids making guns out of their hands or drawing them. The representation of the lightsaber was akin to the days gone past where fathers gave guns to their sons for hunting. This was a right of passage for our kids, when they got to hunt for themselves. Much like a Jedi creating his lightsaber from scratch, it is a test of entering manhood.

We have lost that in today’s society and we need it back. That is why these types of movies are immortalized in men’s minds. We never had the opportunity of a “right of passage” and it is something that we as fathers need to give to our sons.

Lesson #4: Chewie is awesome and it is charming to be a “scruffy looking nerfherder”

I would encourage us as fathers to look at Star Wars and realize that it is never too late to be involved with our kids’ lives and to be redeemed from our past mistakes.