What’s Your Mustache?

It’s really no secret that kids need their dads around. Dads and kids go together like Abbott and Costello, Chris Farley and David Spade, Calvin and Hobbes, or bacon and anything. Men and dads go together the same way (in case you forgot), so the topic of men’s health is important to dads, just like it is to men in general.

Lest you mistakenly believe that I’m finished stating the obvious, I would also like to point out how important the subject of men’s health is to children, since it directly impacts their dads. Which is why it’s time to talk about Movember.

It’s likely that many of you are familiar with Movember at this point, or have at least heard the word. If not, I’ll let this mustachioed gentlemen give you a quick run down:

Got it? Grow a mustache in order to raise awareness of and support for men’s health. It’s a no brainer.

Even though I have had some form of hair growing from some portion of my face ever since I hit puberty, watching this Movember clip and others of its kind made me stop and think:

What about men who can’t grow a mustache?

Why are they left out? Are they not men, too? Is a lack of facial hair something that leaves them doomed to live lives of isolation on the outskirts of masculinity?

That’s ridiculous, right? Being a man is so much more than merely possessing a gene that allows a glorious hair worm to spawn on your upper lip. Dads know this as well as—if not better than—most men their age.

So what is the Movember “Mustache,” really? Is it simply a cozy lip rug meant to be ogled and admired as an indicator of “true” masculinity? Or is it something more than that? A symbol of the unique, natural makings of a man, of a father, that makes him valuable and irreplaceable* in the world and endears him to his family.

What is it that makes you unique and special to your wife and kids? What quirk, talent, or magnificently silly ability makes them laugh? What about you reminds them that their dad is Number One? That’s your mustache.

Do you rock bedtime stories with a killer repertoire of exotic accents?

That’s your mustache.

Do you make the world’s greatest, most impenetrable snow forts?

That’s your mustache.

Do you know how to (convincingly) throw easy wrestling matches?

That’s your mustache.

Do you know the ancient secret of the perfect belly flop?

That’s your mustache.

Whatever it looks like for you, there is something, lots of somethings actually, that you mean to and are for your family. Being present is one of the most important of those somethings. The real goal of Movember, when you get right down to it, is to celebrate the unique things that make your presence as a man—as a dad—special, in hopes of keeping you around as long as possible.

Movember is for you, dads. Get active. Keep healthy. Stay fit. Eat a salad… with cheese and bacon on it. Most importantly, make time to groom your mustache.

Men, dads, we’d like to know: What’s your mustache?

*Irreplaceable is, coincidentally, the title of an upcoming documentary from Pine Creek Entertainment and Focus on the Family, which is slated for release in theaters in spring 2014.