Top 3: Dads Celebrated in 2015 Super Bowl Commercials

Some of this year’s Super Bowl commercials that most stood out to me included an amusing spot where a boy gets a pig to fly … a poignant ad where a puppy dog comes home after a hard-fought journey … and a clever spot with Today Show hosts from two decades ago reminding us just how far technology has come in 21 years.

But what struck me most of all were three spots that very specifically, intentionally celebrated the unique and important role of fathers. In fact, among the 61 commercials that ran during the most televised game of the year, these three ranked in the top quarters of ads, as measured by USA Today.

My Bold Dad

Best line: “Being a dad … is a choice that says you’ll be there to show them right from wrong, by your words and by your actions … it’s a commitment. One that will make a wonderful human being who will make their own choices some day.”

Toyota really nails it with this one. As dads, our words – and our actions – will forever help to shape who our kids become. We need to be intentional while we have time with them.

With Dad

Best line: No lines are said.

Except for Harry Chapin crooning ‘Cat’s In the Cradle” in the background, this Nissan ad shows the importance of a dad to a family without saying a world. The irony of the ad being set to a song about a dad who wasn’t physically present enough in his son’s life – set to a commercial that depicts the same – is not lost on me. But, the father-son embrace at the end reinforces the importance of being fully present for our kids.

Real Strength

Best line: “What makes a man stronger? Showing that he cares.”

Dove Men + Care does it again with another terrific ad that celebrates with unique, important role we have as fathers. True confessions time: I used to always just use plain ‘ol soap until this spot series came along. Do I really need body wash? Probably not. But I’ve found myself buying Dove’s products for guys out of appreciation for ads like this.

One of our earliest posts on Dad Matters bemoaned the fact that many commercials depict dads as big dopes. Our culture is never going to always get it right when it comes to esteeming the unique, important role fathers have. But, at least for this year’s Super Bowl, these three spots reminded the millions watching of the immeasurable value we dads have to our families.