The Fight of Our Lives

 Before I came to Focus On The Family, I had seen the worst life had to offer to many families and kids.  I saw the brokenness and shame associated with poor choices, addictions, divorce, poverty, death, abandonment and abuse.  Whether the kids and the families realized it or not, they were in the fight of their lives.  Not only were they fighting for their own health, but ultimately they were fighting for the health of those family members who would follow.

As I worked alongside many of these situations, I quickly realized that each and every day I held the power for good or evil in my marriage and as a dad.  My kids were only a decision away from possibly living a life of poverty and hardship at my hand.  Those kids and families taught me so much about resiliency and perseverance that, despite the obstacles, we can overcome.

In February 2014 I will celebrate 5 years at Focus.  Hard to believe.  I did not know much about Focus before I came here.  I remember reading, “Tough Love,” by Dr. Dobson (which I loved) but had never listened to the Daily Broadcast and had no understanding of “Adventures in Odyssey.”  Even though I agreed in principle with much of what I knew, the reality of my life seemed distant to the ideals of the ministry.  At least that’s what I thought.

Working at Focus has helped me come to a deeper appreciation for my journey and how God has designed the important role mothers and fathers play in the lives of their children, and the important role marriage has.  It’s not like I didn’t know that…but to see the research and studies and to recall the many stories I have encountered, it all makes sense for me.  We are not fighting for the “perfect” family.  We are fighting for the design God has given us.  Each one of us is unpacking those realities every day, regardless if you are an intact family, blended family, divorced or single parent.  The questions each of us is faced with each day is very simple: How do I leave my family “better” than what I found it?  How can I make it healthier?  How can I honor God, my spouse and my children?

For over 30 years, Focus on the Family has been fighting for the cause of family.  The fight is far from over.  This is a fight I am not sure we will eventually say “we won.”  That is arrogant in the very least.  The battle will always be fought until Christ returns.  The battle is on the doorsteps of our homes.  It is finding its way into our bedrooms and living rooms, and it’s setting up camp into the closets of our hearts.

The desire behind Dad Matters was to inspire and equip dads regardless of where one is in the journey.  We all come from different stories, some good and some that are hard to comprehend.  Many of us come from something in between.  Whether your dad was there for you or not, whether you are passing down a great heritage or trying to create one, it is a part of your own path that God has placed you on.

If in any way you have been inspired, challenged or equipped by this blog would you consider giving to Focus?  Did you know Focus on the Family was able to help save 130,000 marriages this past year?  We came alongside 500,000 families who identified themselves in crisis and gave them resources and help.  We need your help to continue to do the amazing work and ministry before us, and we long to continue to fight the good fight alongside you and your family.

Thanks for following us.  My hope is that as we lead our families we will leave “no one behind” as we champion the cause of His kingdom and eternity.