Thanks for sharing, Myles

Dear Myles,

I just wanted to drop you a quick note and say: I’m proud of you. And to thank you.

This weekend, I ran across the story of how you found a $20 bill at Cracker Barrel (they have the best bacon on the planet, don’t they?). Like any boy of eight – shoot, like any boy of 43 – you began to think about what you might do with that freshly found money., you spotted a soldier. Someone serving his country like your dad did. The note you gave him when you handed him the $20 you found really touched me. That little sticky note is now making its way across the Internet, which means your selfless act is impacting people all over the world.

You do realize you’re only eight, right? I’m just messing with you. But seriously, some grown-ups live all their life and don’t fully grasp the joy of giving. You’re doing in eight years, what some adults don’t learn in a lifetime.

I write articles for a website in Colorado, five states away from your home in Ohio. I’m part of a group of dads who share ideas and personal stories about what we are learning as parents, stories that hopefully inspire other parents to make the most of the time they have with their kids.

I read a news story about your dad. People said he always had a smile on his face – and that he was always there to help people. It sounds like you are growing up to be just like him. As proud of you as I am – and we’ve never even met – I can only imagine how proud your dad must be watching you from heaven.

I have no doubt your mom is incredibly proud of you as well. You are so blessed to have a mom, and other family members, who love you and are teaching you things like sharing and kindness. I actually sat down at my computer this morning to write a story about teaching kids to share. Then, I saw your story and realized that passing along your story of sharing is better than anything I could come up with.

As a small way to thank you for helping me out, I’m sending you two copies of the very latest DVD from VeggieTales called Veggies in Space. We watched it last night, and it’s pretty funny. It teaches a lesson on sharing – not that I think you need one. Hopefully, by sending you two, you can share one with a friend. Knowing you, you’ll probably give away both of them, but at least enjoy it once before you pass it along to someone else, OK? The organization I work for makes some other CD’s and DVD’s, like Adventures in Odyssey, that kids your age really enjoy, so I’ve included some of those as well.

Since you’ve helped remind me of the importance of sharing, I wanted to close my letter by reminding you of something important. One of the things VeggieTales says in every episode is that, “God made you special, and He loves you very much.” As much as your mom, your family in Ohio, and your dad looking down on you from heaven all love you – God loves you more than all those people combined. No matter what happens, don’t ever forget that.

You’re growing up to be a fine young man, Myles. Someone your dad is surely proud of. Well done, Myles. Keep it up!

Your new friend in the Rockies,


Roy Baldwin More than 1 year ago

--Great post Rich and for "paying it forward."