Thank You for Being an Amazing Dad

 With our first full calendar year of Dad Matters almost in the books, I wanted to just take a moment and say: thank you.

Thanks to the 1000’s of you who continue to engage with us each week … read and remark on our posts … comment online and on our Facebook page … and send us encouraging notes now and then.

One of my favorite notes from this past year was from a dad in Canada, who dropped me a line to say thanks for the inspiration to start a group of pre-teen boys and their dads to celebrate key milestones in their sons’ journeys to manhood. Another dad wrote to say that the timing for my post on helping our kids through painful times came at just the right time for him.

The fact that you, a busy dad with multiple obligations tugging at your time, take a few minutes each week to join us is a demonstration of your desire to be intentional as a dad. Keep it up!

I also really appreciate it when someone takes a minute to email me an idea on a topic to tee up on our blog. If you have any thoughts on something to talk about – or ways we can better serve you on the blog – please don’t hesitate to email me directly.

Finally, if you’ve enjoyed the blog this past year … received encouragement from fellow dads … and, hopefully, gained some helpful ideas along the way, please consider giving a small gift to help us ‘keep the lights on’ here at Dad Matters. Efforts like this blog, Focus’ daily broadcast, our websites, and virtually everything we do are made possible by donations from parents like you.

And, if you give a gift today, a special year-end match will double your impact enabling us to help twice as many families, including yours.

Thank you again for your intentionality in being the dad that you are!