I recently had breakfast with one of my best friends. I don’t get to see him more than a few times a year so whenever we get together, it’s straight down to business.

We talk about life, leadership and relationships – this time, specifically about his recent engagement. After a few failed relationships, he claims that this one’s different. And I believe him.

We talked about idolizing relationships and how we use them to determine our worth. We also talked about the possibilities that God could be doing something in the life of someone even when they don’t (or can’t) acknowledge it.

We both have experienced this personally. We’ve both gotten caught up in the rat race – working late hours to the point our physical and mental capacities suffer. We’ve both gotten caught up in the power of money – whether it’s from a wealth perspective or a security standpoint. And we’ve both come out of the other side thankful for our experiences but certainly not wishing to ever go through them again.

We both identified that God was present in our lives despite ourselves. We recognized the blessings God gave us when we weren’t looking for them. And we found that even when we have abandoned God’s best for us – what some might call “His will” – he never stops working on our behalf.

By God’s grace, we both recognized this to be true:

If God is doing something in your life and you are a part of my life then God is doing something in my life too.

When you build relationships with people who are healthy, you cannot help but be changed. Their perspectives, opinions and truths rub off on you eventually. The opposite is true: when you build relationships with people who are unhealthy, their sour attitude, impatience and anger can rub off on you too.

So the next time you feel directionless, emotionless and powerless, find someone moving in the right direction. Learn from them, talk with them, be with them. Eventually, God will reveal himself and you’ll recognize he never left you in the first place.

QUESTION: How are you influencing those around you?

Anonymous More than 1 year ago

--Well said, Sam. God speaks to us a number of ways, including His word, through prayer, the holy spirit ... and certainly through the people He puts in our lives.