Human Life: How Important Is It?

OK…I know I am going to open a can of worms with this one, especially with all of the debates and bills that were up before the Senate and Congress several weeks ago. But as I have been thinking and praying this week, I realized that we just recently celebrated Sanctity of Human Life week and it is the opportunity to celebrate the value of a human being.

As I reflected on it this week, I pondered what would have been different if my parents had chosen abortion, or if I had chosen abortion with my kids. What if I had fallen prey to the societal norms of going for an abortion. Putting aside even the moral and biblical implications of abortion, what would I have missed in my life if I didn’t believe in the sanctity of human life? There is something about having kids that completes life. Yes…it can be troublesome at times, and as a parent you could be on your knees in prayer so much that you feel like sometimes you just want to give up.

However, there is an immense joy that comes from raising kids. I think back and realize that if I had followed the societal norms, that I would have missed the joy that it brings my eldest daughter in raising and taking care of animals or her kind heart. Or I would have missed the joy I get in seeing my son excel in his musical talent or the fact that he is an absolute protector of his sisters and mother. Or I would have missed how my youngest greets me at the door everyday with a hug or the time she was at the dentist and wanted me to just keep giving her kisses because she didn’t want her teeth being looked at.

sohlfeetI am grateful that my wife and I firmly believed that this was not something we wanted. But beyond this, what about those that feel like they do not have any choice? What is it that makes people feel like they have no help or are just too afraid of what could happen? I ask myself today, what would happen if my daughter got pregnant? What would I want for her. The pain, the loneliness, the fear of being alone in this or not having the help they need, the judgement of other Christians, and the list could go on.

When abortion was legalized, medical technology was not as advanced as it is today and people didn’t know, beyond the biblical context, what was involved in the creation of a child. Today we can see life in the womb and see the reactions of babies as they grow. We know differently today through the advances in technology, so why do we still see so many lives ended? There are so many resources out there now and so many people who are willing to help.

What about the people who are deemed not fit for society? I know this is hard but because of the recent science breakthroughs, we now have the capability to define what our children will look like and what genes we want them to have or no to have. this reminds me of my science fiction class that I took many years ago and the movie I had to write about was exactly this, where through genetic manipulation, the human race was bred into castes and predestined what they would do (Divergent, Gattaca, the Dune Series, Aldous Huxley’s; Brave New World) and what role they would fill and everyone went through genetic manipulation to be a certain way.

We are doing this today in our world, and this was seen as sci-fi, not too long ago. What are we doing when we try to eradicate certain traits in humans? What cost does this have? Even though we live in a fallen world and things happen because of the fall, this doesn’t mean that the children that are brought in don’t have a purpose in this life. To God, every single life is precious, no matter what their state of mind or genetic traits.

Trusting God

Your are not alone in this journey. Someone is always by your side and will provide help…if you only ask…

We as dads or as soon-to-be fathers have tremendous power to influence the lives around us if we choose to. And we have the ability to do it in a positive manner. Too many times we shirk our responsibility of taking care of our families. We are called to stand up and be the support that our families need. Even if you are new to this or are planning it at some point in time, there are so many resources available to help you on the journey. The biggest thing we need to do as men is step up and take care of the person who has this life growing in her and taking care of both the mother and kid after the birth.

Please know that we as fathers can impact those around us in a positive way. There are so many resources that are available now such as ultrasounds for women who are considering abortion, or support for mothers or mothers-to-be. If you know anyone who needs help, there is just so much that we can do as fathers to help others realize the value of life and that there are options other than abortion.

Please, if you know of anyone struggling with an unplanned pregnancy, provide them the support they need and give them a lifeline. They are not alone in this…there is help!

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