Find My Family

Last year, Apple introduced a completely creeper app called “Find My Friends.” This app allows you to use your phone’s built-in GPS to display your physical location in real time to followers of your choosing.

 Let’s clarify two things:

Yes, this is totally Big Brother. Totally. But…

Yes, you choose who can “see” you. Don’t accept anyone you wouldn’t want to physically stalk your every waking moment.

(Thankfully, the app has an option where you can “hide” from your friends – in other words, not displaying your location.)

This got me thinking though.

This could be a great app for parents of teenagers who want to keep track of their physical location.

Hopefully, long before apps are downloaded and friend/family requests are accepted – even long before smartphones are purchased and distributed – you have created an environment of trust with your children.

Now, that’s not always an easy task, but it is an essential piece of the parenting puzzle that needs your undivided attention. And the first place to start isn’t with your teenager.

“Find My Friends” isn’t supposed to be a means to spy on your teenagers. But this app could offer a great opportunity to continue to build trust and slowly sever the cord of control between you and your teenagers.

Question: What apps do you find most helpful in your role as a dad?

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