Exclusive Webinar on Cyber-Bullying

The Stuebenville Rape Case — which I wrote about in a previous blog, Defining Manhood—has given us insights into social media use within the teen culture.

Social Media is transforming the way we interact and behave.

Courtney Stein writes about a trending topic among teens stating, “There are countless websites, Facebook pages and Twitter handles that are created to shame girls online, many are literally called ‘exposing hoes.’” Courtney who interviewed Temitayo Fagbenle, a Radio Rookie with WYNC, says that when she logs onto Facebook her newsfeed is full of explicit photos and videos of teenage girls.

This past February, the Urban Institute released a study on digital dating abuse among teens.  The study found that one out of four dating teens were abused or harassed online or through text.  The study finds, “Victims of digital abuse and harassment are twice as likely to be physically abused, 2.5 times as likely to be psychologically abused, and 5 times as likely to be sexually coerced.”  Abuse and unhealthy relationships are no longer behind closed doors — they are out there for everyone to see.

One aspect of social media and teen culture that’s key for parents and educators to understand is cyber bullying.  We need to be equipped with the right tools and information on this issue so we can help our children navigate through various situations.

Join me this Thursday, March 28 from 12:30-1:30 p.m. MT for a free webinar (plus Q&A) on the issue of cyber bullying and how to respond; being hosted by Net Nanny.  You must pre-register.

I hope you’re able to join us.


Roy Baldwin More than 1 year ago

@JPenton - Thanks for sharing your journey with your son and your intentionality and diligence with him.  Thanks also for sharing about the tools out there that can help parents.  We are truly the "watchman on the walls" for our kids...parenting is where the answer lies in addressing these behaviors and issues.  

Also, bullying occurs everywhere.  I once spoke to about 120 7th graders at a public school and I did a survey.  The #1 place bullying was occurring for these kids were from older siblings at home.  Bullying can occur at home, in the workplace, at school, at youth group in the church.  That is why it is so important for parents to stay engaged and intentional...

Thanks for sharing and being a part of our community.  Blessings, Roy

jedlex penton More than 1 year ago

Fist bullying always happens on schools. It is the teacher who should make the first move. Then the government should not cover incidents like this, because even it is a usual playground fight in school, bullying can worsen. It is usually the reason now for teenage suicide.

Now technology is playing a big role for bullying. Cyber-bullying is another kind of bullying that may cause the same results as fist bullying, emotional depression and worst suicide!

My kid has been involved in a cyber-bullying. He is the bully. I was so surprised how cruel he can be using his facebook account. I was so upset that his victim was transferred to another school because she wasn't able to cope up with it. When the victim’s mother approached me, she told me of a service in the net, PGGUARD. It sends alarms whenever my son bullies again or uses harsh words. You can google it to know more. I am using it because it really helps me monitors my son’s social net accounts such as facebook.

I just hope the community and the government will give a higher level of seriousness to this. Even the involved are minors they should still make some serious investigations to it.

Esther Aspling More than 1 year ago

If ever there was a reason to believe that generational thought that parents have no idea what kids go through it is here.

I can't imagine going through the public humiliation that these girls go through. Parents need to also not brush it aside as no big deal, because one comment can make a girl's self worth diminish greatly. We need to stand by them, acknowledging their pain, encouraging them, loving them and supporting them.