Les Mis: Dad Matters bloggers react to the role of fatherhood in the film

On Tuesday, December 18, Grace Hill Media and the Wait No More initiative at Focus on the Family invited Focus staff to join the local media at an early screening of Les Miserables. The film is filled with the presence of fatherhood and the impact it has on various characters. Three of our Dad Matters bloggers were in the audience of the early screening and the following conversation is their reaction to the film and the portrayal of fatherhood.

Dads of Peace in the Midst of Grief

Seeing the story unfold in Newtown, Conn., with the shooting at the elementary school makes no sense to me. Like many of you, I am heartbroken. At a loss …

I was doing a video shoot for our Dad Matters blog for Christmas Eve this morning as the news reports started to provide some details of what happened. I was sharing in the video about knowing the peace of Jesus Christ, but emotionally I was stumbling.