Top 3: Dads Celebrated in 2015 Super Bowl Commercials

Some of this year’s Super Bowl commercials that most stood out to me included an amusing spot where a boy gets a pig to fly … a poignant ad where a puppy dog comes home after a hard-fought journey … and a clever spot with Today Show hosts from two decades ago reminding us just how far technology has come in 21 years.

But what struck me most of all were three spots that very specifically, intentionally celebrated the unique and important role of fathers.

What Does ‘Daddy’ Mean? This Commercial Tells Us

It’s no news that many folks watch the Super Bowl these days more for the advertisements than the game. (And as an embittered Denver Broncos fan, the ads might be the only thing I watch.) Companies will pay $4.5 million for every 30-second spot during the big game, so you know they’re going to try to make them memorable.

Budweiser will send a beer drinker into a life-sized Pac-Man game. will feature spokeswoman Danica Patrick snuggling with a puppy.

What Star Wars Can Teach Us About Fatherhood

Do or Do Not! There is no Try….

That alone has been my mantra all through the raising of my kid, especially if I think they are not doing their best and they tell me that “they are trying their best”, I will bust out that line lickety-split much to their chagrin… In fact there is not one thing in my house that has not been influenced in some way by Star Wars. This got me thinking a bit, what is it about Star Wars that has impacted our society in so many ways?