Adoption: A Father’s Perspective

Here at Focus on the Family, we are all about family and adoption. Adoption is something that now that my kids are older, my wife and I have seriously considered. We know we have lots of love to give and we feel our hearts being prompted to look into this. One of my dear friends has adopted several children and works for an organization that sees families through the adoption process. Recently,she asked me about adoption and how dads view the process.

Father Oscar: What the Academy Awards Can Teach About Fatherhood

The Oscars were held last night, and while Birdman took home the most prestigious award of the evening, fathers were just as much on center stage.

The stories we saw weren’t always easy to see or hear. In both Boyhood and Birdman, considered to be the two front-runners for Best Picture when the evening began, we see strained relationships between father and child. In Boyhood, Mason’s dad is great when he’s around … but that’s not often enough, and Mason feels the hole his father leaves behind.

Human Life: How Important Is It?

OK…I know I am going to open a can of worms with this one, especially with all of the debates and bills that were up before the Senate and Congress several weeks ago. But as I have been thinking and praying this week, I realized that we just recently celebrated Sanctity of Human Life week and it is the opportunity to celebrate the value of a human being.

As I reflected on it this week, I pondered what would have been different if my parents had chosen abortion, or if I had chosen abortion with my kids.