Kids Say The Darnedest Things: Your Turn

The Cos may have popularized the idea that “Kids Say the Darnedest Things” for mainstream culture, but parents know that kids have been dropping classic (and crazy) quips, cracks, and one-liners for the better part of the world’s existence.

They just seem to have a penchant for rocking our worlds with their unique brands of precocious wisdom… and naïveté. It’s absolutely adorable, and this recent video (made to promote Boundless’ new radio show) is just another great example of how awesome* kids really are.

More Lessons in Fatherhood … from Adrian Peterson and the NFL

I’ve always liked Adrian Peterson. He seems like a nice, well-meaning guy. But sometimes, even very nice guys make some very bad—even tragic—mistakes.

The Minnesota Vikings running back has been charged with child abuse after using a switch (a small tree limb) to spank his 4-year-old son. According to reports, the beating left the boy’s backside and legs cut and bruised.

The Minnesota Vikings haven’t quite known what to do with the situation. First, they suspended their star (and lost that weekend).

If No Man Is An Island, Is Adrian Peterson The Problem?

If you’re a dad… or a mom… or an American human being with a pulse, you’ve probably heard (at least a little) about the parenting-related news surrounding the NFL and the Minnesota Vikings’ All-Pro running back, Adrian Peterson.

If you need caught up… well, there’s really just too much flying around to detail here, and most of it is surrounded by a lot of righteous indignation and flanked by myriad uses of the term, “alleged.” That being said, Peterson “allegedly” spanked/beat his 4-year-old son pretty severely.¹ (You can find out more here and here if you’re interested.)

Spanking is not a new controversy.