Lord Business’ Evil Lair… My Man Cave?

I didn’t believe it at first. In fact, it didn’t even dawn on me until the second time we watched it.

I am Lord Business.

A part of me wishes that meant that I’ve discovered that I morph into comedic superstar actor Will Ferrell under every full moon. But, unfortunately for both myself and my kids, the reality is much worse.

No, the truth is that I embody the selfish, creativity-crushing spirit of President Lord Business.

Dad Saves The Day (Or “3 Things I Didn’t Learn from Transformers 4″)

You may have heard by now that Transformers: Age of Extinction has spent its time in theaters crushing box office competition like so many Decepticon tin cans. If you hadn’t heard that already, it’s probably because you’ve seen the movie and your brain is still recovering. Mine certainly still is. Only yesterday did the hemorrhaging finally stop.

I’m all for some Autobot v. Decepticon action every now and again, and I can’t complain about the inclusion of a new Boba Fett-ian galactic bounty hounter.

A Fairly Fatherly Fourth

Right next to Father’s Day itself, Independence Day has got to be one of the most dad-friendly holidays around. A holiday involving sprawling barbecues and huge explosions? It really doesn’t get much better.

And, of course, when we consider the holiday, we wind up talking a lot about fathers. Our founding fathers, that is.   I’m kind of a history buff, and over the last few months I’ve plowed through a biographies of six or seven of these founders—Washington, Jefferson and several other folks whose faces grace our money.