Cheating Movember (or How to Stop Worrying and Love the Lip Worm)

Mustaches are pretty much amazing. They provide warmth. They embody swagger and self-confidence. They save you food and drink for later. They’re one of the best ways to declare “I Am All that is Man” without saying a single word. They even help save lives.

Movember, in all of its hairy glory, is a time to promote men’s health (an oft-overlooked, but important matter) by celebrating the majesty of mustaches everywhere.

Also, I hate mustaches.

Serving as a Family in a Self-Centered Culture

What does it mean to be a servant to others and how do we as a family serve others?

In today’s society, servant-hood seems to be a lost word and it is lost on many people. The idea of true servant-hood is one of sacrifice and putting others before yourself. It is contrary to our culture.

How does a parent instill a Christ-like attitude of servant-hood in our children when all they are exposed to in our culture is a selfish, instant gratification attitude?

Kids Say The Darnedest Things: Your Turn

The Cos may have popularized the idea that “Kids Say the Darnedest Things” for mainstream culture, but parents know that kids have been dropping classic (and crazy) quips, cracks, and one-liners for the better part of the world’s existence.

They just seem to have a penchant for rocking our worlds with their unique brands of precocious wisdom… and naïveté. It’s absolutely adorable, and this recent video (made to promote Boundless’ new radio show) is just another great example of how awesome* kids really are.