Being a Child with a Strong-Willed Parent in the Home

My four-year-old son doesn’t know how to write yet, but the following is what I imagine he would write about his experiences living life as my son if he could.

My dad is pretty awesome. Like “Everything is Awesome”-from-The-LEGO-Movie awesome. I love him a lot, and I like wrestling with him. He also makes the best chicken nuggets.

But he can get kinda stubborn and grumpy sometimes, and he doesn’t always listen to me when I have questions about what we’re doing or what he wants me to do.

5 Pieces of Advice from A Year With Down Syndrome

The other day, someone asked me a question that took me by surprise and has stuck with me since. The question?

“What would you tell someone else who is expecting a child of their own that has Down Syndrome?”

At first, my instinct was to respond with something along a cheesy cliche about how “awesome the journey is” or something like that. But I stopped myself because I wanted to give an honest, authentic answer to that person who is just starting to walk on the path I started a year ago.

Christmas is Over… What’s Next?

My New Year’s Resolution

If you’re like me, you are very grateful that the holidays are over and life can return to normal. The holidays for my family is always stressful because we have a large family and we host our annual Christmas Eve dinner. On top of that, our kids are teenagers and presents are so much more expensive now than when they were little. To say the least, my wife and I try to enjoy the holidays and for the most part we do, but after everything is done on Christmas day, we just are plain wiped out.