Perfect As A Sunrise

A beautiful sunrise. What an awesome gift from the Lord and an incredible reminder of our God’s power and creativity. I never grow tired of them.

This morning, I woke up, had my devotions and then as I finished, I looked out our back window and noticed an especially beautiful sunrise. The Lord has filled the sky with oranges, yellows and reds, streaked from the horizon up to the dark blue sky above. It was like He pulled out His most vibrant colors when He painted the sky this morning.

Being a Father to the Fatherless

January 22, 1973 is a difficult day for me to write about. For many others, too, I would imagine. But it is a day that must be written about by those of us who are able. Because the individuals whose lives have been impacted the most by that day will never be able to pick up a pen or sit at a keyboard to tell their story.

January 22, 1973 is the day the infamous decision in Roe v.

How to Transform Your Frustrating Weaknesses into God’s Strength

On January 1st, I stayed up past midnight to ring in the New Year. And I’ve been ringing in the New Year non-stop ever since. Matter of fact, I was ringing in the five weeks leading up to 2015 as well.

Beginning in late November my ears starting ringing. And they haven’t stopped for a break since. Doctors call it tinnitus, which I suspect is a fancy Latin word for “incessant, high-pitched tone.” Apparently, about 10% of Americans have it in some form.