Family Vacation; Strengthening the Family Team

There is nothing like a road trip and family vacation to see how strong the family team is. This last week we went on a quasi-family vacation. Actually we are referring to it more of a family missions trip. We went down to New Mexico to watch our nephews while their parents were at a youth retreat. To say the least it challenged our whole family taking care of three young boys. My wife and I realized that it was harder than we imagined and my kids got a little taste of what it is to take care of little kids and how exhausting it can be.

The Surprisingly Difficult Responsibility of Loving Children

How many times have you admired the sight of your peaceful, sleeping children?

Their bright, warm smiles? Their cheery laughs? Their infectious, irrepressible joy?

Pretty easy to fall in love with, right? There is really nothing that we are blessed with on this earthly plane that are quite as special as children

Why is that? What is it about children that makes them so special?

It’s not just we parents who recognize how unique they are, and we aren’t the ones who give them value.

The 5 Places Where Fatherhood Starts

Today we’re excited to feature a special guest on the Dad Matters blog, Matt Brown.

You may recognize him from Twitter or from one of his many books or from Think Eternity or from a previous post he wrote for us on the topic of knowing nothing about being a dad. (Which was great.)

However, if by any chance you don’t recognize him, we’ll get out of the way and let him introduce himself.


- DM


Where Fatherhood Starts

By Matt Brown

My wife and I are expecting our first baby, a boy, later this year.