6 Ideas for Starting a Family Bucket List

Since its release in 2007, the film The Bucket List has inspired many people to make a list of things they want  to do or accomplish during their lifetime.

I’ve always appreciated the intentionality and forethought  that comes with making such a list. Recently, I’ve been thinking … what about making a “bucket list” of things we want to do or experience as a family before our kids grow up and leave our home?

So, my wife and I sat down to create our own family list.

Hazing is a Problem that Should Not Be Faceless

Because hazing is really just another name for bullying.

We like using the term because it sounds less problematic. Hazing is little more than harmless pranks… until it goes too far and becomes so much more than that, as it (allegedly) did for several players on the Sayreville High School football team. News stories feature the word “hazing” intermingled with more disturbing words like “sexual assault,” “sodomy,” and “rape.”

Not all hazing goes so far but, even when it doesn’t, it often still goes farther than it should.

Fighting for My Marriage

As most people know by now, this has been a very difficult year for me and my family. The premature birth of my son in January, his three months of hospitalization, his Down Syndrome and the challenges that have come along have pushed our family in numerous ways. We have had to readjust our expectations of ourselves, our family and our friends, all while giving ourselves the permission to struggle and even fail at times. Our kids have had to learn to share parental time, how to help more around the house, and have matured in amazing ways.