Encouraging Kids In the Wonder of Learning

In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s back-to-school season. In fact, it’s pretty much done. If that’s a surprise to you, it’s entirely possible¬†that either a) you don’t have a pulse or b) your kids did a REALLY good job of pulling the wool over your eyes.

Or c) you’re like me and you didn’t think any of it applied to you and your kids yet.

I didn’t want to recognize that my little guy was a whopping four-years-old and eager to focus on learning.

Back to School: 9 Ways to Get Your Kids Back in Gear

Back to school – This time of the year is one of the most costly for us as a family. It is a plethora of activity, spending money, frazzled nerves, and fights with the kids getting back into a routine of school. I can say that because we home school our children that we don’t have the same problems most parents have, but I can tell you that sometimes it can even be more frustrating getting the kids back into the routine of school.

A “Kingdom Minded” Family

Recent news events have left me troubled:

Ferguson, MO where a young black male was shot and killed.  And now riots, protests, looting and the fear of national fallout due to racial and law enforcement prejudices flood our news.
The Middle East where Israel has been fighting Hamas.
Persecuted Christians/Church around the world, but especially those in Iraq where children are reportedly being beheaded while many die stranded on a mountain top because of their Christian faith.