Do You Ever Worry for Your Children and the Society They Are Growing Up In?

Fear and Anxiety overpowering my logical mind…

Not a day goes by where I do not wake up and have anxiety or fear for what my children have to grow up in. As a dad who feels absolutely responsible for the protection of my children and my wife, it is easy to fear for them and what harm can befall them in today’s society. I mean just yesterday I read an article about how 142 people were slaughtered (mostly children) in Pakistan.

The Secret to a Happy Marriage: Burn the Boat

The Focus on the Family Daily Broadcast will be spilling “The Secrets to a Happy Marriage” this week. And for my family, the scheduling couldn’t have been timed better. See, Emily, my daughter, got engaged last weekend. And when she and I went running this weekend, we talked a lot about this very thing.

Well, we didn’t talk about the secrets to a happy marriage, exactly. No need to discuss that at this early stage of engagement-hood.

Family Christmas Traditions

Christmas is a great time of year! It used to be that I had a “Bah, Humbug” attitude about it because for most of my kid’s lives, I always had to work holidays, so I really never got into it with my kids or other family members. Don’t get me wrong, I liked Christmas and we celebrated it every year, but it just wasn’t something that I really looked forward to with a whole lot of excitement.