Adoption: A Father’s Perspective

Here at Focus on the Family, we are all about family and adoption. Adoption is something that now that my kids are older, my wife and I have seriously considered. We know we have lots of love to give and we feel our hearts being prompted to look into this. One of my dear friends has adopted several children and works for an organization that sees families through the adoption process. Recently,she asked me about adoption and how dads view the process.

My 4-Year-Old Hasn’t Seen Frozen

I have a confession to make. Is this blog a safe place? Okay … here it is:

My 4-year-old daughter has not seen Frozen.

There – what a relief it is to get that off my shoulders.

What? Is that so uncommon?

It is? Well, given the success of the movie at the box office and it’s Blu-Ray sales (and all of that, ka-ching! ka-ching!, merchandise), the film was well-watched by kids of all ages. Except for Daughter #1 and Daughter #2 (and their parents).

I Am Your Father. Come to the Normal Side.

My daughter is getting married. She also wants me to walk her down the aisle while the Darth Vader theme song is playing.

No “Here Comes the Bride.” No sappy ballad from the 1970s. Emily wants the music of the evil galactic empire—killer of Jedi, maimer of ewoks—to bounce through the church as she enters into her new life.

I have several questions about this musical selection: Am I supposed to be Darth Vader in this scenario?