Taking an un-American vacation 

There are family vacations that, it seems, we as American dads are just supposed to take our families on. My family has been fortunate to do some of them. Disney World and Disneyland. Yellowstone National Park. And a trip to our nation’s capital, which we’re saving our pennies for to visit next spring.

But this fall, we’ve decided to take what might be considered an un-American vacation – a trip less focused on us, and more focused on what we can do for others.

Life Happens – A Public Service Announcement

We have all heard the question, “Why do bad things happen to good people?” We state this question as if good people are somehow immune to bad things or we “earn” good things in life if we are good.  As if you have ever heard, “Why do good things happen to bad people.”  I don’t think life works that way.  I don’t think we can earn “time off” for good behavior.    Some recent events in my life, which were quite humbling, have raised this question for me. 

I Claim This Land For …

Every day, it seems, I read a story about some father giving his kids something ludicrously fantastic. There’s this guy, called by Time magazine as the “best dad ever,” who built his 5-year-old son an indoor treehouse/Spider-Man lair in the kid’s bedroom. Then I read the story of Jeremiah Heaton, who tracked down an 800-square-mile patch of unclaimed desert which he promptly declared his own—so his 7-year-old daughter, Emily, could be fairly called a princess.