Preparing for the Day You Drop Your Child Off at College

In my first year of being married, I remember my friend David shared what’s become the proverbial classic story in his family – and one that’s stuck with me over the years.

He came home from work the night before to find his wife sitting on the sofa, holding their baby daughter who was just days old, and weeping inconsolably. Naturally alarmed, David asked what was the matter.

Between sobs, his wife managed to say, “She’s going to leave and go to college!” Of course, this was hilarious as he recounted it the next day, because that wasn’t going to happen for eighteen long years.

A Strong-Willed Child Going Back to School

As I laid there in bed, I kept wondering where the summer went.  Seriously, how were the kids already going back to school?  It was early and I just laid there.  Just a few more minutes…

Eventually my feet hit the floor and I headed to the girls bedroom, hoping they were already up because of their sheer excitement for their first day.  Nope…sound asleep.

I get them up and tell them they have 10 minutes to make their bed and get downstairs for breakfast. 

Dad Life in the Fast Lane: Teaching Your Child to Drive

A lot of different things go through your mind when you’re in line at the DMV to get your oldest child his driving permit. That may be in part because, if your Department of Motor Vehicles is anything like ours, you have quite a bit of time on your hands to reflect and ponder your life … analyze better ways to run the DMV … and perhaps even write the Great American Novel, all while you wait.