Tiny Tim, a Mouse and More

With Thanksgiving only two days away, I have been doing some thinking about this past year and the amazing things that cause me to give thanks. It is easy to go around the table at Thanksgiving, ask everyone what they are thankful for, and hear the usual answers like, “I am thankful for my family” or “I am thankful for Jesus.” Now, don’t get me wrong, both answers are awesome and VERY true, but this year I wanted to go a little deeper and decided to think about each member of my family and what each of them has taught or shown me.

Giving Thanks For Thankful Kids

I’ve got lots of things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. And on the list—wedged right somewhere between “a roof over my family’s head” and “a set of working toenail clippers,” I’ll give thanks that my kids are thankful.

Oh, they’ve never been particularly demonstrative about it. Sure, I’d love to hear them say—on a daily basis, preferably—”Thanks, Dad, for being you,” and commit to hiring a private nurse to care for me in my dotage.

Middle School: One of the Most Turbulent Times in a Parent’s Life

It is amazing to me with our society today that any parent (or kid) survives the troubling middle school years. It is also amazing to me how each child is different. All three of my kids faced middle school differently and how they re-acted to those years was unique to their own personality. I can tell you that this can be a very hard time on a parent and the child. Middle school is rough and will drive you and them to the breaking point, if not give you a forceful push over the edge.