I’ll Never Be Good Enough As a Parent… And That’s Okay

Almost five years into this crazy parenting journey/roller coaster/thing, I’m slowly realizing something that will, I imagine, take me a lifetime to wrap my head around:

I’ll never be good enough as a parent… and that’s okay.

That doesn’t sit well with the “Perfectionist-Never-Say-Never” side of my being. In fact, it straight up mocks that part of me. I hate being told I can’t do things. It stings worst because I love my children and want them to have great parents, to have a great dad, and admitting that I’ll never even be a “good enough” dad doesn’t jive with me.

3 Deadly Behaviors That Can Kill Your Marriage … And How I’m Learning to Avoid Them

When my wife and I moved to Colorado Springs a decade ago, there was a couple in our neighborhood we became close with. We’d have dinner at each other’s homes … our similarly aged kids played together … we’d go out to dinner together … we even vacationed together a couple times.

About three years into our friendship, we were floored when they shared that they were separating. Ultimately they got divorced. With more than a third of marriages ending in divorce there’s unfortunately a decent chance you can relate to our experience.

My Worst Christmas Memory Redeemed

Like I mentioned a couple weeks ago, I have a fond place in my heart for family traditions and stories. October (Halloween), November (Thanksgiving) and December (Christmas) are full of opportunities to form such memories – both good and bad ones.

While there are plenty of fun Christmas memories from my childhood, the one scene that plays in my head when it begins to look like Christmas is probably one of my least favorite.

I can’t tell you how old I was, maybe 11 or 12.