Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose (the Kid)

I worry about losing my kids.

I like to imagine we all do, and that our worry keeps us vigilant and on top of their whereabouts.

But more than worrying about losing my kids, I worry about losing my kids. You know, like losing losing.

What I really mean by all that is that I worry about losing their hearts. Sure, they love me now. But they don’t know all of my weaknesses yet, and they’re still too young to see all the ways I’ve already screwed them up through inexperience and a lack of patience.

Getting Schooled

Wake up, dads! Rise and shine! It’s time for school!

What? You thought you were done with homework? Arithmetic? Mean ol’ Ms. Grizzardly? Nay. Ms. Grizzardly, despite being older than the standard European cathedral, is now teaching your kids—and she hasn’t gotten any cheerier, let me tell you. Sure, she no longer flosses with subpar English papers, given her lack of teeth … but she does gum them into a rather unpleasant mush.

No, when you’re a father, your schooling is never done until your kids are done with school.

“Daddy, Can We Chat?”

“Daddy, can we chat?” That’s one of my new favorite things that Daughter #1 says to me. It all started last weekend. Now, to get the entire effect of these words, just imagine in your mind’s ear a 4 year old little girl saying this in the cutest voice you can conjure up in your head. (Got it, now? Great!)

I was wrapping up Daughter #1’s bedtime routine, which includes reading a few books, praying and then singing a song or two.