Middle School: One of the Most Turbulent Times in a Parent’s Life

It is amazing to me with our society today that any parent (or kid) survives the troubling middle school years. It is also amazing to me how each child is different. All three of my kids faced middle school differently and how they re-acted to those years was unique to their own personality. I can tell you that this can be a very hard time on a parent and the child. Middle school is rough and will drive you and them to the breaking point, if not give you a forceful push over the edge.

Dads and their Little Mermaids

Disney’s The Little Mermaid turns 25 today. That’s pretty old for an animated fish story. Even the best aquatic animals can get a little, um, ripe after a quarter-century. But for me, The Little Mermaid has held up surprisingly well—and part of that is because of its love story.

No, not the story of mermaid Ariel and her land-bound beau, Prince Eric. Rather, the story of Ariel and her father, King Triton.

For those who haven’t seen The Little Mermaid for a while or (gasp) have never seen it, the gist of the story is this: Ariel, a headstrong 16-year-old mermaid with a pretty voice and a fascination with all things dry, falls for a handsome prince.

3 Conversations You WILL Have With Your Young Child

Young children are underrated as conversationalists.

It could be because they’re often hard to understand. (Diction isn’t their strong suit.) Or, maybe, it’s because they have a hard time staying focused. (First they’re talking about their new best friend and then before you know it they’re in outer space zapping unicorn-shaped aliens with paintball-blasting whoopie cushions.)

Those may be real barriers to conversation at times, but the fact remains that many children (if not all) flat out love chatting up a storm with their parents.