Dads of Peace in the Midst of Grief

Seeing the story unfold in Newtown, Conn., with the shooting at the elementary school makes no sense to me. Like many of you, I am heartbroken. At a loss …

I was doing a video shoot for our Dad Matters blog for Christmas Eve this morning as the news reports started to provide some details of what happened. I was sharing in the video about knowing the peace of Jesus Christ, but emotionally I was stumbling.

Welcome to ‘Dad Matters’ (With a bonus tale about the day my daughter stabbed me)

Dads have it rough in today’s popular culture. We don’t get affirmed very often for being important. Matter of fact, it seems that if anything good happens in stories about families, it’s usually in spite of dad – not because of him.

Growing up, I did not want to be that dad. You know … the guy who didn’t have a clue, who put the diaper on the baby’s head instead of the bottom, who didn’t know how to piece together a coherent sentence when a child had a question, needed help or wanted a decision.