Adoption: A Father’s Perspective

Here at Focus on the Family, we are all about family and adoption. Adoption is something that now that my kids are older, my wife and I have seriously considered. We know we have lots of love to give and we feel our hearts being prompted to look into this. One of my dear friends has adopted several children and works for an organization that sees families through the adoption process. Recently,she asked me about adoption and how dads view the process.

My 4-Year-Old Hasn’t Seen Frozen

I have a confession to make. Is this blog a safe place? Okay … here it is:

My 4-year-old daughter has not seen Frozen.

There – what a relief it is to get that off my shoulders.

What? Is that so uncommon?

It is? Well, given the success of the movie at the box office and it’s Blu-Ray sales (and all of that, ka-ching! ka-ching!, merchandise), the film was well-watched by kids of all ages. Except for Daughter #1 and Daughter #2 (and their parents).

I Am Your Father. Come to the Normal Side.

My daughter is getting married. She also wants me to walk her down the aisle while the Darth Vader theme song is playing.

No “Here Comes the Bride.” No sappy ballad from the 1970s. Emily wants the music of the evil galactic empire—killer of Jedi, maimer of ewoks—to bounce through the church as she enters into her new life.

I have several questions about this musical selection: Am I supposed to be Darth Vader in this scenario?

Parents Can’t Fix Everything… And That’s Okay

Sickness has descended upon our family’s home and hung around like that one party guest who you wish would leave early but who stays until 2 A.M. We’ve been like a bunch of sickly domino pieces crashing down on one another, and the kids have had it particularly rough.

Which is, like, one of the lamest things for a parent.

There really aren’t many things as sad and pitiful as watching your child get sick. It is especially heartbreaking (and frustrating) when there isn’t much you can do to fix them.

A Neighborhood of Snow Angels

This past weekend brought a lot of snow to Colorado Springs. Nothing on the scale of what the northeast is experiencing this winter (thank you God!), but the 7” that fell on our driveway over the course of two days was the most I remember shoveling in the 6 ½ years since we moved to the Rocky Mountains (believe it or not).

The snow brought along with it a gift – a snow day for Focus on the Family on Monday … plus a delayed start on Tuesday!

6 Things That Rock About Being a Dad

On a long car ride back from skiing this weekend, two good friends and I got to talking about what we most enjoy about being dads – things big and small. In no particular order, here are six of the things we landed on that we most relish about being … Dad.

Broadening your horizons. If you approach life willing to experience new adventures, having kids is a great way to do it. While we hope our kids will adopt some of our interests, their varied personalities mean that they will have interests of their own that we’d otherwise never be exposed to.

Father Oscar: What the Academy Awards Can Teach About Fatherhood

The Oscars were held last night, and while Birdman took home the most prestigious award of the evening, fathers were just as much on center stage.

The stories we saw weren’t always easy to see or hear. In both Boyhood and Birdman, considered to be the two front-runners for Best Picture when the evening began, we see strained relationships between father and child. In Boyhood, Mason’s dad is great when he’s around … but that’s not often enough, and Mason feels the hole his father leaves behind.

Do Unto Others’ Children As You Would Have Them Do Unto Yours

My wife and I did something daring recently. Not because we’re “daredevils” or because we like to “live life on the edge,” but because we knew—in spite of the “risks”—that it was what we were supposed to do.

We became licensed as foster parents.

Maybe it’s not really such “daring” thing to do. Many other parents have done it before us and are doing it now. But to hear the concerns often voiced over our decision to become foster parents one would think we had just agreed to sell our family—and our children, in particular—up the river.

Human Life: How Important Is It?

OK…I know I am going to open a can of worms with this one, especially with all of the debates and bills that were up before the Senate and Congress several weeks ago. But as I have been thinking and praying this week, I realized that we just recently celebrated Sanctity of Human Life week and it is the opportunity to celebrate the value of a human being.

As I reflected on it this week, I pondered what would have been different if my parents had chosen abortion, or if I had chosen abortion with my kids.

I Miss the NICU…

“Dad, can you tell Zach to stop bothering me?!?”

“Dad, can you make me some lunch???”

“Dad, why can’t I have some ice cream???”

“Dad, why….???”

“Dad, what…???”

“Dad, when…???”

I miss the NICU.

With a family of six, there is always something happening and a Daddy’s job is never done. Making dinner, putting out fires, stopping fights, comforting tears, praying at bedtime, changing diapers….you know the drill. In contrast, the NICU was so much quieter and less chaotic (most of the time).