You Are What You Pretend to Eat

Parenthood is great—at first.

Oh, sure, you dads of newborns may feel differently. You’ll whine about the diapers and the midnight feedings and such. But those early months are truly precious, because it’s the only time when you ever have complete, utter power over your children’s lives.

You want to go to the store? They’re going to go to the store. You want them to go to bed? They’re going to go to bed. Sure, maybe they’ll stay awake for hours and hours just to spite you.

Being a Dad is One of the Most Important Things You’ll Ever Fail

Jim Gaffigan just posted the following on Twitter and it got my brain chewing at a furious rate:

Being a father is definitely the most important thing I will fail at in my life.

— Jim Gaffigan (@JimGaffigan) October 23, 2014

Responses varied. Some chuckled. A few chortled. Several sympathized. Others consoled.

I just chewed… and chewed and chewed. (I think Jim would be proud of me.)

And now, after all the chewing, I think something important is finally dawning on me…

Failures of Epic Proportions…

You’re going to fail at being a father.

Am I The Worst Dad in the World?

Sometimes I contemplate this question: Am I the worst dad in the world? The answer, ultimately, is “No.” But, what is it that makes me go there? I suppose the thought pops up when I’m feeling like I’ve “blown it.”

For example, last weekend was particularly tough on the family. Earlier in the week, we’d returned from a family vacation where our normal schedule was thrown out the door. That always leads to cranky daughters, and occasionally cranky parents (I never knew how much I’d become accustomed to the schedule, too).

6 Ideas for Starting a Family Bucket List

Since its release in 2007, the film The Bucket List has inspired many people to make a list of things they want  to do or accomplish during their lifetime.

I’ve always appreciated the intentionality and forethought  that comes with making such a list. Recently, I’ve been thinking … what about making a “bucket list” of things we want to do or experience as a family before our kids grow up and leave our home?

So, my wife and I sat down to create our own family list.

Behind Every Superhero, There’s a Dad

I reviewed CW’s The Flash for Plugged In this week, and overall, I thought it was pretty cool—a fun, rollicking show predicated on old-fashioned heroism. But the thing that struck me the most about it was our hero’s daddy issues.

According to the CW, Barry Allen became the Flash after he was struck by a bolt of scientifically augmented lightning, which gave him the ability to go super fast. But Allen’s origin story really doesn’t begin with that.

Hazing is a Problem that Should Not Be Faceless

Because hazing is really just another name for bullying.

We like using the term because it sounds less problematic. Hazing is little more than harmless pranks… until it goes too far and becomes so much more than that, as it (allegedly) did recently for several players on the Sayreville High School football team. News stories feature the word “hazing” intermingled with more disturbing words like “sexual assault,” “sodomy,” and “rape.”

Not all hazing goes that far but, even when it doesn’t, it too often goes too far.

The Importance of Fatherhood

“If anyone causes one of these little ones–those who believe in me–to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea…”
Matthew 18:6

I have read this verse many times, but I have need really stopped to think about it and apply it to my life, until today. I just heard a sermon in which the pastor described what Jesus was referring to when he spoke about this and how it applies to me as a dad.

How Will Your Kids Remember You?

The picture you see here is of Scott Bachman, his father and Dad’s 1973 convertible Corvette. That’s Scott standing up in the driver’s seat with the football helmet—probably advisable headgear if he was actually planning to take it for a spin.

That car reminded Scott of his father like nothing else. Which is why, earlier this year, Scott went on a quest to track down and buy that ’73 ‘Vette. Not just a 1973 Corvette convertible that looked kind of the same.

Kids Say The Darnedest Things: Your Turn

The Cos may have popularized the idea that “Kids Say the Darnedest Things” for mainstream culture, but parents know that kids have been dropping classic (and crazy) quips, cracks, and one-liners for the better part of the world’s existence.

They just seem to have a penchant for rocking our worlds with their unique brands of precocious wisdom… and naïveté. It’s absolutely adorable, and this recent video (made to promote Boundless’ new radio show) is just another great example of how awesome* kids really are.

Are You the Beauty or the Beet?

Strange as it sounds, and despite not having seen the movie or read the classic fairytale, Daughter #1 loves Beauty and the Beast. It all began last summer when our little family went to Disney World. The first day we found ourselves at the Magic Kingdom and one of the very first “rides” of the day was called Enchanted Tales with Belle. I use quotes here because it wasn’t really a ride as much as an experience.