What Does ‘Daddy’ Mean? This Commercial Tells Us

It’s no news that many folks watch the Super Bowl these days more for the advertisements than the game. (And as an embittered Denver Broncos fan, the ads might be the only thing I watch.) Companies will pay $4.5 million for every 30-second spot during the big game, so you know they’re going to try to make them memorable.

Budweiser will send a beer drinker into a life-sized Pac-Man game. GoDaddy.com will feature spokeswoman Danica Patrick snuggling with a puppy.

Being a Father to the Fatherless

January 22, 1973 is a difficult day for me to write about. For many others, too, I would imagine. But it is a day that must be written about by those of us who are able. Because the individuals whose lives have been impacted the most by that day will never be able to pick up a pen or sit at a keyboard to tell their story.

January 22, 1973 is the day the infamous decision in Roe v.

What Star Wars Can Teach Us About Fatherhood

Do or Do Not! There is no Try….

That alone has been my mantra all through the raising of my kid, especially if I think they are not doing their best and they tell me that “they are trying their best”, I will bust out that line lickety-split much to their chagrin… In fact there is not one thing in my house that has not been influenced in some way by Star Wars. This got me thinking a bit, what is it about Star Wars that has impacted our society in so many ways?

How to Transform Your Frustrating Weaknesses into God’s Strength

On January 1st, I stayed up past midnight to ring in the New Year. And I’ve been ringing in the New Year non-stop ever since. Matter of fact, I was ringing in the five weeks leading up to 2015 as well.

Beginning in late November my ears starting ringing. And they haven’t stopped for a break since. Doctors call it tinnitus, which I suspect is a fancy Latin word for “incessant, high-pitched tone.” Apparently, about 10% of Americans have it in some form.

Adult Kids Knee-d to Make Their Own Choices

Children should obey their parents, the Bible tells us. I’ve frequently reminded my own kids of this very important verse—sometimes several times a day—and stressing that God never set any age limits on it. Even when I’m 95 and I demand some applesauce, my kids are biblically obligated to get me some, even if they have to mash up the apples themselves.

But alas, children do not always adhere to this rule as much as they ought when they become adults (or, at least, as much as I think they ought).

Being a Child with a Strong-Willed Parent in the Home

My four-year-old son doesn’t know how to write yet, but the following is what I imagine he would write about his experiences living life as my son if he could.

My dad is pretty awesome. Like “Everything is Awesome”-from-The-LEGO-Movie awesome. I love him a lot, and I like wrestling with him. He also makes the best chicken nuggets.

But he can get kinda stubborn and grumpy sometimes, and he doesn’t always listen to me when I have questions about what we’re doing or what he wants me to do.

Green Space Can Cure Stress

Let me preface this blog by completely discrediting myself. That’s always a good place to start, right? But seriously – I’m not a doctor, a psychologist or any expert on life. So, read the following with the grain of salt it may or may not be worth.

Now that I’ve lost most or all of the people who clicked to read this entry, let me make the bold claim that green space can cure stress.

What do you mean by that - What is green space?

Balancing the Impossible

Recently, I had someone remark about how crazy our lives are right now and how we keep it all from going crazy. I had not stopped to think about it before, so I stopped and spent some time looking at our family. Since our fourth child, Timothy, was born in January, our family has had to readjust and redefine what is “normal” for us. Since he was born two months premature and with Down Syndrome, Timmy has faced a long, tough struggle to grow as a baby and that has really impacted all of the rest of us in the family.

Running … Out of Time

By the time you read this, I’ll be in Orlando, probably soaking my legs in some sort of tub recovering from the Disneyworld Marathon. My kids may be soaking their legs, too. All three of us are running the thing. Whether we make it or not … well, that’s an open question.

No matter. It’ll be a run worth remembering. Just like they’ve all been. Like …

When I ran after Colin when he was 3, swooping him up in my arms before he could dash through a puddle, him squealing with joy.

5 Pieces of Advice from A Year With Down Syndrome

The other day, someone asked me a question that took me by surprise and has stuck with me since. The question?

“What would you tell someone else who is expecting a child of their own that has Down Syndrome?”

At first, my instinct was to respond with something along a cheesy cliche about how “awesome the journey is” or something like that. But I stopped myself because I wanted to give an honest, authentic answer to that person who is just starting to walk on the path I started a year ago.