I have a pretty big confession to make. One thing God has recently been telling me about my relationship with my spouse is this:

“I’m doing something unique in every person’s life. Your wife included. Get out of the way.”

I am guilty of creating barriers that interfere with my wife being obedient to following God’s voice. I create unnecessary speed bumps that cause her to slow down. I make potholes in her life that cause her spiritual alignment to get out of tune.

Taking responsibility for my guilt is the first step in recovering. Asking forgiveness is the second. But how do I make sure not to do this again?

Here are three ways I can keep from stifling the voice of God in my wife’s life:

  1. Take care of myself spiritually, physically, emotionally, etc. When I’m driving out of control on the road, I put others at risk. The same goes for my everyday well-being.
  2. Acknowledge God as the blessing. When we see people and things as the source of joy and happiness – when we identify them as the blessing – we give them power they weren’t created to have. We turn them into idols and set them and ourselves up to fail.
  3. 3. Respond, don’t react. As humans, our first inclination is to react when bad things happen. Instead of assessing the WHY, we address the WHAT and never get to the root of the issue.

When I follow these three guidelines, I’m happier, my relationships are healthier and my life is fuller.

What is something your spouse is praying for? How can you be their partner in this area?