Back to School Memories

One afternoon after getting home from Shenango Jr. – Sr. High School my neighbor, Bernie, and I were in my parents’ gravel driveway shooting hoops on our 9 foot rim above the garage door.  We were in 7-8th grade at the time when my younger brother, Scott, got off the bus from elementary school.

I remember him walking funny up the driveway to our house.  We asked him how his day went especially since we knew he had to go see the principal for his behavior on the bus the day before.  He was afraid he was going to get spanked since at that time corporal punishment was alive and well in western Pennsylvania.

What happened next is one of the funniest moments of my life.  He started pulling layers of jeans and underwear off.  He had 2 pairs of jeans and 3 pairs of underwear on.  We were in hysterics.  The principal at that time was infamous for supposedly having an electric paddle.

Let me share another funny memory of my own school spanking.

In the third grade, during one of the highlights of the year was bringing your bike to school and competing with your peers in competitions.  I got in trouble with 3 other boys for rolling down the hill despite the desperate attempts of our teacher to stop us.  His repeated attempts fell on our deaf ears leading to a board across our bottoms.  After our teacher spanked us I smiled as the other boys were crying.  I was thinking, “That wasn’t a spanking!  You should go have a talk with my dad! (link to an article on spanking and I am definitely not advocating for spanking, that is a whole nother blog post). That was a love tap.”  The teacher didn’t appreciate my smiling, and after we got spanked a second time, I don’t think I made too many friends.

As your kids are heading back to school their apprehensions can be high.  Going back to school reminds us of the stories from our parents and grandparents about “walking to school up a snow-covered hill both ways.”  These stories remind us how much has changed.  Take some time in the next few weeks as you have dinner to share some of your funny school memories from when you were your kids’ age.

You could make it a whole family affair by calling Grandpa or Grandma and asking what school was like for them as a kid.

What are funny memories you have from school?  How do you share your experiences in school with your kids?