Christmas is Over… What’s Next?

My New Year’s Resolution

If you’re like me, you are very grateful that the holidays are over and life can return to normal. The holidays for my family is always stressful because we have a large family and we host our annual Christmas Eve dinner. On top of that, our kids are teenagers and presents are so much more expensive now than when they were little. To say the least, my wife and I try to enjoy the holidays and for the most part we do, but after everything is done on Christmas day, we just are plain wiped out.

Another Year Has Gone By….

Even though Christmas is over, I will borrow the term from one of my favorite stories and adapt it: As the year closes and many people look at what the future holds and making a whole bunch of New Year’s resolutions, that even though we may have the best intentions, will often be dropped or forgotten within a couple of weeks, because of either we don’t have the resolve to finish them, or we get busy with our daily routine and lives and they end up being forgotten, or something else like that.

Do You Ever Worry for Your Children and the Society They Are Growing Up In?

Fear and Anxiety overpowering my logical mind…

Not a day goes by where I do not wake up and have anxiety or fear for what my children have to grow up in. As a dad who feels absolutely responsible for the protection of my children and my wife, it is easy to fear for them and what harm can befall them in today’s society. I mean just yesterday I read an article about how 142 people were slaughtered (mostly children) in Pakistan.