How to Respond When Your Teenager Has Been Sexually Active: Part II

Last week we finished up our month long series on reclaiming the “Talk” from the secular culture. My last blog on that subject talked about how my oldest made some mistakes and decided to ignore our advice as parents. It may have seemed like I was venting in a way, but what I was trying to portray was that even though you can try and train them in the way they should go, sometimes they go out on their own, like the prodigal son in the Bible.

How to Empower Your Kids Without Running Your Home Like a Business

You know as a business man, it is easy to put empowerment in terms that make sense in the business world. But how do I put the term “Empowerment” into practice as a dad? In the business world, empowerment is giving your employees the authority to make decisions and TRUSTING them to be responsible with those decisions. In my life as a leader, I have found that this is sometimes the hardest and most rewarding part of my work life.

How to Respond When Your Teenager Has Been Sexually Active: Part I

What if you had “The Talk” with your kids and tried everything you knew how to do and trained them up according to the Bible and yet your teenager ignores everything still making the mistakes that you tried so hard to keep her from? My oldest has always been challenging to raise to be obedient, because she is so high spirited, but what happened to my little girl? She started to grow up and not listen to the advice and training she had received her whole life.