Back to School: 9 Ways to Get Your Kids Back in Gear

Back to school – This time of the year is one of the most costly for us as a family. It is a plethora of activity, spending money, frazzled nerves, and fights with the kids getting back into a routine of school. I can say that because we home school our children that we don’t have the same problems most parents have, but I can tell you that sometimes it can even be more frustrating getting the kids back into the routine of school.

Family Security Pt. 2: How Do I Make Home Feel Safe for My Kids, My Wife, and Others?

Last week I talked about how difficult it can be in our world to set up a safe and secure house for our families and others who may come around. Of course I am not talking about door locks and security systems, and although those can be important, that is not the focus of my blog. I am talking about how we as husbands and fathers can make our home a place where our wife feels loved and cherished and safe to be vulnerable to you.

Family Security Pt. 1: How Do I Make Home Feel Safe for My Kids, My Wife, and Others?

Our Home:

In today’s fast-paced environment, how do our children feel safe? Oftentimes we are so busy, even doing family activities such as going to the movies, or involved in sports, or whatever, but does this really make our children feel safe? Does everything we try to do and achieve in life make the home a safe and secure place for our spouse? Our children? Our extended family? Do our kids go to some other source to learn something new or to share something going on in their lives?