Do You Ever Worry for Your Children and the Society They Are Growing Up In?

Fear and Anxiety overpowering my logical mind…

Not a day goes by where I do not wake up and have anxiety or fear for what my children have to grow up in. As a dad who feels absolutely responsible for the protection of my children and my wife, it is easy to fear for them and what harm can befall them in today’s society. I mean just yesterday I read an article about how 142 people were slaughtered (mostly children) in Pakistan.

Family Christmas Traditions

Christmas is a great time of year! It used to be that I had a “Bah, Humbug” attitude about it because for most of my kid’s lives, I always had to work holidays, so I really never got into it with my kids or other family members. Don’t get me wrong, I liked Christmas and we celebrated it every year, but it just wasn’t something that I really looked forward to with a whole lot of excitement.

Middle School: One of the Most Turbulent Times in a Parent’s Life

It is amazing to me with our society today that any parent (or kid) survives the troubling middle school years. It is also amazing to me how each child is different. All three of my kids faced middle school differently and how they re-acted to those years was unique to their own personality. I can tell you that this can be a very hard time on a parent and the child. Middle school is rough and will drive you and them to the breaking point, if not give you a forceful push over the edge.