Middle School: One of the Most Turbulent Times in a Parent’s Life

It is amazing to me with our society today that any parent (or kid) survives the troubling middle school years. It is also amazing to me how each child is different. All three of my kids faced middle school differently and how they re-acted to those years was unique to their own personality. I can tell you that this can be a very hard time on a parent and the child. Middle school is rough and will drive you and them to the breaking point, if not give you a forceful push over the edge.

Jesus Has a Tattoo?

Jesus has a tattoo…

So recently at church our pastor started talking about Revelation and what Jesus has on his body. He brought up a point that Jesus has a tattoo emblazoned on his thigh. My kids of course were excited to point out that because Jesus has a tattoo that they should be able to get one too. I rapidly and jokingly pointed out to them that Jesus was also sinless and went to the cross for us, so if they want to do that for mankind, then they can get a tattoo as well!

Serving as a Family in a Self-Centered Culture

What does it mean to be a servant to others and how do we as a family serve others?

In today’s society, servant-hood seems to be a lost word and it is lost on many people. The idea of true servant-hood is one of sacrifice and putting others before yourself. It is contrary to our culture.

How does a parent instill a Christ-like attitude of servant-hood in our children when all they are exposed to in our culture is a selfish, instant gratification attitude?