How to Avoid Raising a Stuff Monster

It starts innocent enough. Begging for things in the grocery checkout aisle. A Christmas wish list that gets a little longer each year. Pleading for the latest video game, fashionable clothing item, or electronic thingee. And, as parents, we like to give good gifts to our children so we oblige — and maybe a little too frequently.

But before you know it, you have a home of Stuff Monsters, kids who value stuff as much — or maybe even more — than the people and relationships around them.

Any Kindness Would Be Appreciated

I met a super friendly cook named Anthony while my family and I were in Chicago recently. At least, he used to be a cook.

“The best!” he told my wife and me, with a big toothy smile.

That was before Anthony’s legs got so bad that he could barely stand any more. He lost his job as a chef, and ultimately, his home. Now, the streets are his home. They have been for eight years.

6 Ideas for Starting a Family Bucket List

Since its release in 2007, the film The Bucket List has inspired many people to make a list of things they want  to do or accomplish during their lifetime.

I’ve always appreciated the intentionality and forethought  that comes with making such a list. Recently, I’ve been thinking … what about making a “bucket list” of things we want to do or experience as a family before our kids grow up and leave our home?

So, my wife and I sat down to create our own family list.