Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions By Not Making Any

Thumbing through an old planner while cleaning out my home office this week, I ran across a list I made of things I wanted to accomplish one year. I was pleased to see that I had accomplished over half of what was on the 11-item list.

I’d beaten the stats that say less than 10% of those who make New Year’s resolutions each year actually keep them. Of course, I had one significant factor on my side.

3 Deadly Behaviors That Can Kill Your Marriage … And How I’m Learning to Avoid Them

When my wife and I moved to Colorado Springs a decade ago, there was a couple in our neighborhood we became close with. We’d have dinner at each other’s homes … our similarly aged kids played together … we’d go out to dinner together … we even vacationed together a couple times.

About three years into our friendship, we were floored when they shared that they were separating. Ultimately they got divorced. With more than a third of marriages ending in divorce there’s unfortunately a decent chance you can relate to our experience.

Could This Become Your Family’s Best Week of 2015?

December is a natural time for your family to reflect on the experiences, challenges and highlights from the past year. How did you grow individually — and as a family? What were your favorite memories from this year? What were some things you overcame together? And where did you see God’s hand evident in your family’s journey?

For our family, the trips we experience together are a place where answers to many of these reflections emerge.