I Am Your Father. Come to the Normal Side.

My daughter is getting married. She also wants me to walk her down the aisle while the Darth Vader theme song is playing.

No “Here Comes the Bride.” No sappy ballad from the 1970s. Emily wants the music of the evil galactic empire—killer of Jedi, maimer of ewoks—to bounce through the church as she enters into her new life.

I have several questions about this musical selection: Am I supposed to be Darth Vader in this scenario?

Father Oscar: What the Academy Awards Can Teach About Fatherhood

The Oscars were held last night, and while Birdman took home the most prestigious award of the evening, fathers were just as much on center stage.

The stories we saw weren’t always easy to see or hear. In both Boyhood and Birdman, considered to be the two front-runners for Best Picture when the evening began, we see strained relationships between father and child. In Boyhood, Mason’s dad is great when he’s around … but that’s not often enough, and Mason feels the hole his father leaves behind.

Digging Deep into Family Archaeology

It’s an old cliché to say that when your daughter gets married, you’re not losing her—you’re gaining a son. And for us, that’s pretty true.

When Emily gets officially hitched this spring, she and her new hubby will be going on a nice honeymoon—then heading right back home. Our home. They’ll be living in our basement for a bit while they save up money for a house of their own and, given home prices, it could be a while.