“Daddy, Can We Chat?”

“Daddy, can we chat?” That’s one of my new favorite things that Daughter #1 says to me. It all started last weekend. Now, to get the entire effect of these words, just imagine in your mind’s ear a 4 year old little girl saying this in the cutest voice you can conjure up in your head. (Got it, now? Great!)

I was wrapping up Daughter #1’s bedtime routine, which includes reading a few books, praying and then singing a song or two.

4 Tips for Gearing Up for Football Season

What’s my favorite time of year? That’s a tough one. Asking me at different times in my life would have yielded different answers. Summer is great, especially when you’re a student and get to take 3 months off to hang out with friends at the pool or going on vacations. Of course, that fun seems to shrink exponentially as soon as you’re out of college … at least it did for me.

Then, there’s Christmas. What’s not fun about that?

A Young Dad’s Advice for Helping Toddlers Get into Doing Chores

Okay, I may not be the most experienced father, but I’m parenting a kid who is in the thick of toddler-dom. And, I know one of the things I worried about with being a dad was instilling a sense of responsibility in my kids, specifically in respect to doing chores. And only 3 years into raising Daughter #1, I feel like we’ve started on the right path. That’s not to say that she’ll eventually tire of doing regular chores – I mean who actually loves cleaning toilets?