Being a Child with a Strong-Willed Parent in the Home

My four-year-old son doesn’t know how to write yet, but the following is what I imagine he would write about his experiences living life as my son if he could.

My dad is pretty awesome. Like “Everything is Awesome”-from-The-LEGO-Movie awesome. I love him a lot, and I like wrestling with him. He also makes the best chicken nuggets.

But he can get kinda stubborn and grumpy sometimes, and he doesn’t always listen to me when I have questions about what we’re doing or what he wants me to do.

Chore Wars: Impatient Parents Vs. Sluggish Children

Since becoming a parent, I’ve discovered that patience isn’t my strong suit.

I imagine I’m not the only parent to ever struggle with patience. It’s strange for me, though, because prior to becoming a parent I had considered patience to be one of the few virtues I wasn’t actively terrible at living out. So you can imagine how surprised I was when these kids came along and shredded that misconception.

Generally speaking, my impatience shows itself in most of the stereotypical ways.

I’ll Never Be Good Enough As a Parent… And That’s Okay

Almost five years into this crazy parenting journey/roller coaster/thing, I’m slowly realizing something that will, I imagine, take me a lifetime to wrap my head around:

I’ll never be good enough as a parent… and that’s okay.

That doesn’t sit well with the “Perfectionist-Never-Say-Never” side of my being. In fact, it straight up mocks that part of me. I hate being told I can’t do things. It stings worse because I love my children and want them to have great parents—to have a great dad—and admitting that I’ll never even be a “good enough” dad doesn’t jive with me.