Profundity: “Deep insight; great depth of knowledge or thought.”

Now that I’ve both learned and regurgitated my new word for the day, I figure I can just call it quits. No dice? Okay, so let’s dive right in.

I have long aspired to “profundity.” I have always wanted to be the dad with a plethora of awesome “-isms.” To be the kind of dad who can drop knowledge with little provocation and no advance notice. To be the sort of dad who specializes in whipping out perfect parables in the heat of his children’s more teachable moments. 


My three-year-old hit something of a milestone today. Over the last few weeks, he has started taking himself to the bathroom. No prodding or help from mommy or daddy necessary. He has even woken himself up at night to go potty and promptly put himself back to bed afterwards. (Now, whether that’s his bed or mommy and daddy’s bed is a subject for another blog post.) Most importantly, he hasn’t messed the bed (either one) once this entire time.