The 5 Places Where Fatherhood Starts

Today we’re excited to feature a special guest on the Dad Matters blog, Matt Brown.

You may recognize him from Twitter or from one of his many books or from Think Eternity or from a previous post he wrote for us on the topic of knowing nothing about being a dad. (Which was great.)

However, if by any chance you don’t recognize him, we’ll get out of the way and let him introduce himself.


- DM


Where Fatherhood Starts

By Matt Brown

My wife and I are expecting our first baby, a boy, later this year.

How Fathers Can Help Daughters Develop Healthy Sexuality

Today’s post, the last in our #OwnTheTalk series, comes courtesy of Timothy L. Sanford, M.A., L.P.C. Tim’s experience includes working in a residential treatment center for youth, as an experiential therapist, and in his own private practice for more than 25 years:

One of the many hats I get to wear in life is my DAD hat. It’s probably one of my favorites too. I got it out the other day, ran my hand around the worn brim and reminisced once again the family camping trip when an ember lighted on it and left a small burn hole on the top.

5 Things to Remember When Talking About Sexuality with Your Kids

Men, assuming you’re planning on reading this all the way through, you’re involving yourself in an area that many of our dads would not have taken the time to read, let alone process or carry out. It can be awkward, it’s uncomfortable, and we certainly have other skills in life that we feel much more competent in than being sex mentors for our kids. There are a few, but I don’t think there are many topics more important for us as dads today.