Perfect As A Sunrise

A beautiful sunrise. What an awesome gift from the Lord and an incredible reminder of our God’s power and creativity. I never grow tired of them.

This morning, I woke up, had my devotions and then as I finished, I looked out our back window and noticed an especially beautiful sunrise. The Lord has filled the sky with oranges, yellows and reds, streaked from the horizon up to the dark blue sky above. It was like He pulled out His most vibrant colors when He painted the sky this morning.

Balancing the Impossible

Recently, I had someone remark about how crazy our lives are right now and how we keep it all from going crazy. I had not stopped to think about it before, so I stopped and spent some time looking at our family. Since our fourth child, Timothy, was born in January, our family has had to readjust and redefine what is “normal” for us. Since he was born two months premature and with Down Syndrome, Timmy has faced a long, tough struggle to grow as a baby and that has really impacted all of the rest of us in the family.

5 Pieces of Advice from A Year With Down Syndrome

The other day, someone asked me a question that took me by surprise and has stuck with me since. The question?

“What would you tell someone else who is expecting a child of their own that has Down Syndrome?”

At first, my instinct was to respond with something along a cheesy cliche about how “awesome the journey is” or something like that. But I stopped myself because I wanted to give an honest, authentic answer to that person who is just starting to walk on the path I started a year ago.