I Miss the NICU…

“Dad, can you tell Zach to stop bothering me?!?”

“Dad, can you make me some lunch???”

“Dad, why can’t I have some ice cream???”

“Dad, why….???”

“Dad, what…???”

“Dad, when…???”

I miss the NICU.

With a family of six, there is always something happening and a Daddy’s job is never done. Making dinner, putting out fires, stopping fights, comforting tears, praying at bedtime, changing diapers….you know the drill. In contrast, the NICU was so much quieter and less chaotic (most of the time).

Sneaking into the Middle School Years

Middle school.

Two words that bring more fear into my heart than any, except for maybe “oncoming puberty.” This last year, with all of the craziness and chaos involved with Timmy’s birth, disability and our family adjusting to a new normal, one thing that has slipped through the cracks is my little girl moving into the middle school years. As most parents, I look at her and find myself thinking, “How could she grow up so quickly?

Perfect As A Sunrise

A beautiful sunrise. What an awesome gift from the Lord and an incredible reminder of our God’s power and creativity. I never grow tired of them.

This morning, I woke up, had my devotions and then as I finished, I looked out our back window and noticed an especially beautiful sunrise. The Lord has filled the sky with oranges, yellows and reds, streaked from the horizon up to the dark blue sky above. It was like He pulled out His most vibrant colors when He painted the sky this morning.