I hate being wrong…

I hate being wrong. And the other weekend I was so wrong.

After a very long, emotional and difficult couple of weeks, I needed a slow, quiet weekend with nothing to do but rest. Saturday, I fought not to do the chores that have piled up around the house like the dirty laundry has done. Instead, I tried to read, watch TV and nap, all in an effort to recharge my emotional and physical batteries. Unfortunately, I was only partially successful.

Yellow Card Christianity

OK, I admit it. I am caught up with millions of people around the world. I am watching soccer. Sorry, “fútbol.” I have gotten caught up in World Cup fever.

I have to admit that for years, I felt that soccer was a waste of time. I saw it as a game where people ran around a huge field, kicking a ball and flopping around when they are touched, all while their crazed fans tried to kill each other in the stands.

Greatness and “Closing the Book”

With the recent 5th anniversary of the surprising death of Michael Jackson, much of the world has looked back to reminisce about his “greatness.” Like most in my generation, I too can remember listening to Michael’s music and being completely mesmerized by his showmanship, his talent and his charisma. But, with his death, I also have been struck by how so many people have looked back on Michael’s life and have only focused on “his great years” without much notice of the tortured, demented years later in his life.