A Twice-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity

Roberto “The Ghost” Guerrero is preparing to fight one of the greatest boxers ever, Floyd Mayweather Jr., on May 4. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Guerrero, as he will not only have the opportunity to be the welterweight champion of the world, but to be the first man to ever defeat Mayweather, whose record currently stands at 43-0.

This is obviously quite an opportunity, but also a seemingly insurmountable task since 43 others have failed before him. Yet Guerrero appears undaunted. After all, he and his family have faced far bigger trials.

This short video clip illustrates Guerrero’s commitment to putting his wife and family first:

Robert Guerrero on Taking Care Of His Wife from 2Degrees Media on Vimeo.

Incredible! A man at the top of his profession, walking away from money and glory. Can you imagine how crazy people thought he was? In the boxing world, a shot at the title – if you ever get one – is not something you turn down. Men spend years training and fighting to get there, and here he was leaving it on the table to take care of his wife.

What would you have done? As I was watching this clip, I wondered if there would have been a way for Guerrero to both train and care for his wife. I honestly got a little caught up with the money and career opportunities he was passing up. I hate to even admit that, but as a husband and dad trying to provide for my family, I have to admit that a part of me was trying to figure it out.

But as I stepped back and reflected on the significance of what Guerrero did, I am absolutely amazed and challenged. I just can’t imagine what grief he must have taken from folks both inside and outside his circles who depend on his boxing success. Seeing him get another shot at the title, after making the tough call to take care of his wife and family, is even sweeter for me because he is so deserving of this opportunity.

Whether you care about boxing or not, I challenge you to think about how you would respond after receiving this kind of news. “In sickness and in health” comes to mind for me. Would you have been so quick to follow through on that vow as Guerrero was? It’s a powerful and challenging question.