10 Goofy Things I’m Goofy Good At

We work hard at providing for and protecting our families. We offer guidance, direction and discipline for our kids. We plan for their futures. But sometimes, we dads need to unwind, cut loose, have some fun and laughs, and show our lighter side with our kiddos.

With that in mind, here are 10 of the sillier roles I play in my family.

  1. Catching coins off my elbow. I believe this is genetic, passed down via my dad – and his elbow. I’m good for at least 20 pennies on any given day.
  2. Making pancakes shaped as turtles. For my turtle-loving daughter, this is no small feat. Getting a tail to stay on is tricky business and not for the faint of heart.
  3. Jumping on the trampoline. It’s always a big hit when I join in on the trampoline fun, which I do about once a month for a five to ten minute stretch.
  4. Throwing my kids in the air. OK, I’m down to one kid I can send airward now that my son is in middle school. But a good toss into the air is always good for laughs … especially in the pool.
  5. Blowing kisses. This one is reserved for my daughter. The goofy part comes in when she blows one back and I slap a part of my body where I’ve caught it. It’s fun to slyly do this in public sometimes.
  6. Turning off lights. If this were an Olympic sport, I’d medal for sure. I’ve been known to click off more than 10 on one floor alone. You can’t stop me; you can only hope to contain me.
  7. Shooting straw wrappers. Sometimes to lighten the mood, you just have to tear off the wrapper on one end of a straw and blow the remaining wrapper into the face of your child. Note, I say child. Mom is not a fan.
  8. Tackling my son. Remember when Inspector Clouseau and Kato would ambush each other in the original Pink Panther films? Sometimes, I find it necessary to do a Kato-esque sneak attack, and execute an open-carpet tackle on my son. Now that he’s 14, it’s become more difficult, and potentially poses an injury risk. I’m not afraid.
  9. Sledding instigator. For whatever reason, I tend to be the first one to suggest we find a hill after a good, wet snow. Snowballs usually need to be part of the action at some point.
  10. Drumming on Rock Band.  It took awhile before I could separate the beat of my foot from the action of my hands (kind of like rubbing your head and patting your stomach). But now with my daughter on bass, my son on guitar and my wife as the front man, we’re quite the band. All we lack are tour t-shirts.

How about you? What are some of your quirky qualifications for being The Dad and bringing some laughs into your home?