Family Security Pt. 1: How Do I Make Home Feel Safe for My Kids, My Wife, and Others?

What do we portray to others about family security?

Our Home: In today's fast-paced environment, how do our children feel safe? Oftentimes we are so busy, even doing family activities such as going to the movies, or involved in sports, or whatever, but does Read More

A Lesson From My Baby Boy…


Sneeze, sneeze… Cough, cough, cough… Gag…choke… Now we are moving and rushing to his crib. My wife grabs Timmy and quickly brings him to the bed while I rush to grab the bulb syringe, kleenex and nasal Read More

The Lost Art of Gentleness

A father carrying his sleeping son

Would people describe you as a gentle person?  Would your spouse?  How about your kids? I don’t know if I would describe myself as a gentle person.  I know my experiences in life have taught me to be Read More

The Happiest Place On Earth? Anywhere With Your Family

Disney 2

It's summer, and many of us dads have gone or are going on vacations with our families. In fact on Tuesday, fellow Dad Matters blogger Rich Bennett gave us a great sneak peak into his own vacation plans—a Read More

Family Vacation; Strengthening the Family Team


There is nothing like a road trip and family vacation to see how strong the family team is. This last week we went on a quasi-family vacation. Actually we are referring to it more of a family missions trip. We Read More

Taking an un-American vacation 


There are family vacations that, it seems, we as American dads are just supposed to take our families on. My family has been fortunate to do some of them. Disney World and Disneyland. Yellowstone National Read More