My 4-Year-Old Hasn’t Seen Frozen

I have a confession to make. Is this blog a safe place? Okay … here it is: My 4-year-old daughter has not seen Frozen. There - what a relief it is to get that off my shoulders. What? Is that so uncommon? It Read More

Daughter #1 With Snowball

A Neighborhood of Snow Angels

This past weekend brought a lot of snow to Colorado Springs. Nothing on the scale of what the northeast is experiencing this winter (thank you God!), but the 7” that fell on our driveway over the course of two Read More

Rich fishing with his daughter

6 Things That Rock About Being a Dad

On a long car ride back from skiing this weekend, two good friends and I got to talking about what we most enjoy about being dads – things big and small. In no particular order, here are six of the things we Read More