The Happiest Place On Earth? Anywhere With Your Family

Disney 2

It's summer, and many of us dads have gone or are going on vacations with our families. In fact on Tuesday, fellow Dad Matters blogger Rich Bennett gave us a great sneak peak into his own vacation plans—a Read More

Family Vacation; Strengthening the Family Team


There is nothing like a road trip and family vacation to see how strong the family team is. This last week we went on a quasi-family vacation. Actually we are referring to it more of a family missions trip. We Read More

Taking an un-American vacation 


There are family vacations that, it seems, we as American dads are just supposed to take our families on. My family has been fortunate to do some of them. Disney World and Disneyland. Yellowstone National Read More

Life Happens – A Public Service Announcement

The joy of regaining my license and dignity.

We have all heard the question, "Why do bad things happen to good people?" We state this question as if good people are somehow immune to bad things or we "earn" good things in life if we are good.  As if you Read More

I Claim This Land For …

Queen Nothing (Crop)_178841991

Every day, it seems, I read a story about some father giving his kids something ludicrously fantastic. There's this guy, called by Time magazine as the “best dad ever,” who built his 5-year-old son an indoor Read More

The Surprisingly Difficult Responsibility of Loving Children

A young infant sprawled out and sleeping comfortably

How many times have you admired the sight of your peaceful, sleeping children? Their bright, warm smiles? Their cheery laughs? Their infectious, irrepressible joy? Pretty easy to fall in love with, right? Read More