Do You Ever Worry for Your Children and the Society They Are Growing Up In?

My fear and anxiety are centered around the very real possibility of my children going through something similar because of their belief.

Fear and Anxiety overpowering my logical mind... Not a day goes by where I do not wake up and have anxiety or fear for what my children have to grow up in. As a dad who feels absolutely responsible for the Read More

3 Deadly Behaviors That Can Kill Your Marriage … And How I’m Learning to Avoid Them

Sad couple sitting at the bench in park

When my wife and I moved to Colorado Springs a decade ago, there was a couple in our neighborhood we became close with. We’d have dinner at each other’s homes … our similarly aged kids played together … we’d go Read More

The Secret to a Happy Marriage: Burn the Boat


The Focus on the Family Daily Broadcast will be spilling “The Secrets to a Happy Marriage” this week. And for my family, the scheduling couldn’t have been timed better. See, Emily, my daughter, got engaged last Read More

How Disney Pixar’s “Inside Out” Is Already Changing My View of Parenting

Still from a trailer for Disney Pixar's "Inside Out"

I'm just going to put this out there: Disney Pixar's upcoming film "Inside Out" looks brilliant, and I say that based on one trailer—the official UK trailer released on December 10. If you haven't seen it Read More

My Worst Christmas Memory Redeemed

You Get Coal This Year

Like I mentioned a couple weeks ago, I have a fond place in my heart for family traditions and stories. October (Halloween), November (Thanksgiving) and December (Christmas) are full of opportunities to form Read More

God Weeps with Me


“Jesus wept.” John 11:35 Growing up in the church, this was always my favorite verse to turn to when one of my Bible teachers or Sunday school teachers would ask us to memorize a verse. Everyone knows Read More