Cheating Movember (or How to Stop Worrying and Love the Lip Worm)

Suited and mustachioed up

Mustaches are pretty much amazing. They provide warmth. They embody swagger and self-confidence. They save you food and drink for later. They're one of the best ways to declare "I Am All that is Man" without Read More

Serving as a Family in a Self-Centered Culture

Servant hood at its best

What does it mean to be a servant to others and how do we as a family serve others? In today's society, servant-hood seems to be a lost word and it is lost on many people. The idea of true servant-hood is one Read More

Any Kindness Would Be Appreciated

Mission trip

I met a super friendly cook named Anthony while my family and I were in Chicago recently. At least, he used to be a cook. "The best!" he told my wife and me, with a big toothy smile. That was before Read More

You Are What You Pretend to Eat


Parenthood is great—at first. Oh, sure, you dads of newborns may feel differently. You'll whine about the diapers and the midnight feedings and such. But those early months are truly precious, because it's Read More

Being a Dad is One of the Most Important Things You’ll Ever Fail

Father-son water fight

Jim Gaffigan just posted the following on Twitter and it got my brain chewing at a furious rate: Being a father is definitely the most important thing I will fail at in my life. — Jim Gaffigan Read More

Am I The Worst Dad in the World?


Sometimes I contemplate this question: Am I the worst dad in the world? The answer, ultimately, is “No.” But, what is it that makes me go there? I suppose the thought pops up when I’m feeling like I've “blown Read More