You Are What You Pretend to Eat


Parenthood is great—at first. Oh, sure, you dads of newborns may feel differently. You'll whine about the diapers and the midnight feedings and such. But those early months are truly precious, because it's Read More

Being a Dad is One of the Most Important Things You’ll Ever Fail

Father-son water fight

Jim Gaffigan just posted the following on Twitter and it got my brain chewing at a furious rate: Being a father is definitely the most important thing I will fail at in my life. — Jim Gaffigan Read More

Am I The Worst Dad in the World?


Sometimes I contemplate this question: Am I the worst dad in the world? The answer, ultimately, is “No.” But, what is it that makes me go there? I suppose the thought pops up when I’m feeling like I've “blown Read More

6 Ideas for Starting a Family Bucket List

Kids at the beach

Since its release in 2007, the film The Bucket List has inspired many people to make a list of things they want  to do or accomplish during their lifetime. I’ve always appreciated the intentionality and Read More

Behind Every Superhero, There’s a Dad


I reviewed CW's The Flash for Plugged In this week, and overall, I thought it was pretty cool—a fun, rollicking show predicated on old-fashioned heroism. But the thing that struck me the most about it was our Read More

Hazing is a Problem that Should Not Be Faceless

Unknown person

Because hazing is really just another name for bullying. We like using the term because it sounds less problematic. Hazing is little more than harmless pranks... until it goes too far and becomes so much Read More