4 Tips for Gearing Up for Football Season


What’s my favorite time of year? That’s a tough one. Asking me at different times in my life would have yielded different answers. Summer is great, especially when you’re a student and get to take 3 months off Read More

One Year Ago…


One year. August 29th marks the one year anniversary of the day that my life changed forever. I was driving back to work, after dropping my older kids off to our babysitters’ house, when my phone rang. I Read More

A Strong-Willed Child Going Back to School

Working together on the low ropes course at Sonrise Mountain Ranch.

As I laid there in bed, I kept wondering where the summer went.  Seriously, how were the kids already going back to school?  It was early and I just laid there.  Just a few more minutes… Eventually my feet Read More

Anniversaries of the Golden Variety

anniversary 2

Officially, my parents have been married for 49 years, 50 weeks and some-odd days by the time you read this. They got hitched in Frankfurt, Germany on Sept. 1, 1964—an age of skinny ties and Jackie Kennedy Read More

Encouraging Kids In the Wonder of Learning

Toddler in a toy fireman hat

In case you hadn't noticed, it's back-to-school season. In fact, it's pretty much done. If that's a surprise to you, it's entirely possible that either a) you don't have a pulse or b) your kids did a REALLY Read More

Back to School: 9 Ways to Get Your Kids Back in Gear


Back to school - This time of the year is one of the most costly for us as a family. It is a plethora of activity, spending money, frazzled nerves, and fights with the kids getting back into a routine of Read More